Psychometry — A. Likhanov
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Psychometry — A. Likhanov


by A. Likhanov


In the circle of development of passive psychic abilities, psychometry is one of the most important stages to achieve complete clairvoyance. To develop the ability to perceive the images, ideas and feelings captured on various objects, restore the pictures of the past and lift the curtain of history, both of one line and of all mankind - this is the task of Psychometry.

Using the simplest methods, you can achieve amazing reading results, the so-called astral cliches.

Psychometric methods are based on the properties of the human body to perceive the subtlest vibrations emanating from various objects.

Everyone knows the sensations that we experience when we are in the vicinity of an object of a religious cult, an object of great antiquity, an object that belonged to a loved one.

If we discard everything that can be inspired by fantasy or memory, and control all the images and thoughts, sometimes even completely unexpected and alien to us, coming from somewhere outside, then in most cases they turn out to have the most serious soil under them and find that the story that the cover of dead matter hid for so long.
The mechanism of such a phenomenon is very simple and everyone is given to bring it into action.

For this, there is no need for a heavy regime, or enormous will, or strain of thought,on the contrary, it requires only complete calmness of feelings and reason; that passive state, which was mentioned on the previous pages.

In order to catch the vibrations emanating from the object, it is necessary to establish the so-called rapport between the person making the experiment and the tested object, i.e. a connection that allows vibrations to freely penetrate into the centers of human perception.

In the human body there are several such centers; the most important of them are in the head, slightly higher than the transference (agnia tchakram of the Indians), and in the chest, the so-called solar plexus in the center of the chest-abdominal barrier (manipuraka tchakgam of the Indians).

Hands and other parts of the body can serve as the same instruments of perception, but to a lesser extent, since the above centers are susceptible with the greatest intensity.
Naturally, not all people can develop their psychometric abilities according to the same method, and this is mainly because they all differ in the properties of their temperaments.


What is suitable for people with a phlegmatic or melancholic temperament is absolutely not applicable to sanguine people or choleric people, and vice versa.


The scope of this section does not allow us to give a complete description and properties of each of the temperaments separately, and the reader, who wishes to define himself, will bother to look at the tables placed in the book “Magical Mirrors” by Sedir, or in the “Theory of Temperaments” by Polty and Harry. The observation developed four main types, which, however, are not always expressed in a pure form and sometimes vary. These types are as follows: phlegmatic, melancholic, choleric and sanguine.
In the practice of psychometry it is more convenient to consider all four temperaments combined in the following two large groups.


1) Passive - phlegmatic and melancholic.
2) Active - choleric and sanguine, because practice will be different (in details) only for these two categories.
In addition to these types, it is necessary to mention persons already gifted from nature by the rudiments of clairvoyance, persons of mediumistic and sensitive. For them, the practice will be the same as for persons of melancholic and phlegmatic temperaments, but with the difference that their development will go at a faster pace.


The first condition common to persons of all temperaments is the ability to bring oneself into a passive state. It lies in the fact that the whole organism functions smoothly, without jerks, being in a position of calm stillness.


All sorts of thoughts, images, feelings and obsessive ideas should be absent, and only after achieving such results can we begin to experiment.


The methods for bringing oneself into a passive state have already been discussed above, and we will indicate here only that which may have special significance.


First of all, never start the experiment, feeling a headache, runny nose, aggravation of the stomach, irritation or fatigue and other ailments, because this harms the success of the experiment or even completely hinders it.


Try to carry out experiments, at least initially, at the same hour and in the same place, which is necessary to eliminate side effects.


Do not conduct experiments for more than 15-20 minutes in a row.

The temperature in the room should not be below 14 ° and above 19 ° C.


If the experiment is carried out during the day, then the light must be diffused or half light will do.


If the experiments take place in the evening, then half-light or bluish light will again be suitable, which, of course, can be achieved during the day, with blue curtains.


Most preferred is violet light, especially for individuals with choleric and sanguine temperament, recognized as the most soothing.


You need silence or monotonous sounds, such as the knock of a pendulum, a metronome, and for some people repeating the same motive on a music box, but not at all loudly.


Clothing should be loose around the neck and waist.


Breathing should be uniform, as a sleeping person breathes, the imitation of which often leads to a passive state.


It is preferable for people of choleric and sanguine temperament to start with a supine position on their back and have not a pillow under their heads, but a roller, as sleeping Japanese do. Gradually, you can move into a sitting position, and in it to continue experiments.


All these preparations and conditions lead to the establishment of rapport or continuous communication between the subject and the thing in relation to which he wants to perform a psychometric analysis. Then the astral body of a person freely encircles and penetrates into the tested thing, which in turn influences our astral centers with its vibrations and through them brings images associated with vibrations to our consciousness.


All vibrations of the tested object can be perceived in three ways: either by applying, better attaching, to the forehead with a silk cord, or by applying to the solar plexus, or simply by taking it in the hand.


The most successful is the first method, when the item is attached to the forehead.


This is where we will begin.


Experiment I.

Take a few pieces of colored paper of various shapes and wrap them in identical envelopes of white paper, so as not to know by their appearance the contents and, being in a state of passivity, apply these envelopes in turn to the forehead, trying to determine the color and shape of those contained in them leaflets.


Upon reaching successful results, and they will not be slow to manifest in 4-5 days, you can go further.


Experiment II.

Take several sheets of colored and white paper of various shapes, draw on them one simple shape, for example, lines, corners, triangles, squares, etc., and do the same as in the first experiment, trying to determine the color and shape, and the picture located on the sheets.


After making sure that the results are positive, we can move on to more complex experiments.


Experiment III.


Replace the pieces of paper with small objects made of wood, bone, metal, and wrapping them in identical bags if possible, attach or apply them to your forehead and try to determine the shape, color, material and the sensation that the test object would give if it touched.


Experiment IV.


Take substances that are different in form and chemical composition, e.g. salt, sugar, various spices, parts of plants, and try to perceive not only the form, color, material, sense of touch, but also taste and smell.


After such experiments, which in total are done within 16-20 days, you can freely proceed to the training on the perception of radiation directly related to the human body and its experiences.


Experiment V.


Take a piece of cloth from the clothes of a person who iswell known to others, but unknown to you, his ring, glove, comb, letter or even an object that had close contact with him and, putting it to your forehead or even just picking it up in your hand, make out the feeling that you experience from this subject.


Define what you see.


What pictures or ideas pass before your astral gaze and what mental experiences this subject inspires in you, but remember that here you can not strain your imagination, because this can only ruin the matter.


It is necessary to catch the first thought, the first idea, the first sensation, and never be surprised that they may seem illogical at first glance. At a later check, most cases will show you the truth of our perceptions.


Experiment VI.


When you have already trained enough in previous experiments, start taking items related to the past or related in your existence to any specific events known to others, but until then hidden from you.


Take objects that have a historical past, or belonged to a person with bright moments in his personal life, and try, in the same way as in previous experiments, to restore their history by combining the images and feelings that you will experience from them.


If this succeeds with you, then continue the experiment, no longer taking objects directly in your hand and not applying them to your forehead, but only connecting the object with a paper cord to your hand.


Thus, your ability to perceive the subject at a distance will begin to develop, and in the future it will be enough for you to reach out to the subject or simply to approach it, being in a state of passivity, to clearly visualize its history, qualities and moments with which it is associated .


This can be the end of the department of psychometry, because outside of it, a special area of clairvoyance begins in it.


Of course, it is not superfluous to mention to readers that the development of the ability of psychometric analysis greatly contributes to the manifestation and strengthening of intuition, which is so valuable to occultists and diviners.


Author © A. Likhanov
Article from Isis Magazine
Translated by Eric Midnight, June 2020

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