Dream Interpretation Science — Eric Midnight
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Dream Interpretation Science — Eric Midnight

Dream Interpretation Science


by Eric Midnight


Сновидение, РенессансThe interpretation of dreams is an extremely ancient science, difficult to understand for a person who is not familiar with the properties of the Astral agent and the astral body. Dreams are divided into several types, and now we will give a shorter classification than that presented by the authors of antiquity, and we will rely on the species identified by the famous Artemidorus Daldianus in his “Oneirocritica”.


There are dreams that reflect a person’s inner experiences, and there are dreams that predict future events. At the same time, the latter can be of importance either for the dreamer himself, or for people close to him, or for the whole society. These so-called "prophetic dreams" can either directly show the future to the dreamer, or represent them in allegorical images. It is these images that require a thorough and thoughtful interpretation.


The astral “matter” - fluid, volatile, contains too much in itself to be clear to the divinator. Just imagine that the events of the past and all kinds of variations (astral clichés) of the future are contained in the Astral agent. Here, information is fixed on how the appearance of various places changed, and also the Astral Agent is the "home" for many astral beings of various ranks and hierarchies. Everything is complicated by the fact that all the living people who use their astral bodies to sense certain emotions, to store nostalgic or unpleasant memories, as well as for numerous fantasies, are connected with this great ocean of the past and future. In general, the Astral agent is a very confusing phenomenon, and therefore the interpretation of dreams experienced by us in the astral body, or inspired by the Astral agent itself, is just as confusing.


We will use the beautiful theory of the French aristocrat of the beginning of the 19th century, Marie Jean Leon Le Coq d'Hervey de Saint Denys, in order to understand what the dream itself is. Thanks to experiments with the process of falling asleep of this magnificent researcher, he managed to find out that, falling asleep, we continue to think, but only unconsciously, and therefore we use images for reflection. That is, in a dream we “think in images” that are not controlled by our consciousness. This applies, of course, to an ordinary dream, rather than a lucid dream, where we connect our own awake mind to control the thinking that is going on.


What images do we use when our consciousness falls asleep? With a very low probability, these will be images that are understandable only to us, because they are fixed in the subconscious mind much less clearly than what society has imposed on our heads. Somewhere very, very far in our subconscious, we “know” that if a black cat crosses the road, then this is in trouble. And we “know” that sadness is when “like cats scratch their souls”. Accordingly, if you dreamed of a cat, then this image will often be not good. And it doesn’t matter that in an awake state, when your mind does not sleep, you adore cats, and you personally even have two huge fluffy cats at home, whom you groom and cherish. In the depths of your astrosome’s memory, cats are unhappily. Therefore, when your "astrosome" gives you the image of a cat, then you should not interpret it the way you like, but perceive it in the language of the instinctive perception of your astral body.


Often dreams that portend a bleak future have a pleasant plot for us. So, for example, if one of the people in charge of you praises you for the work done, then you should wait for an extremely unpleasant scene of chastising you for being mediocre and generally hopeless. Do not forget that the Astral agent is a world in which everything is mirrored in relation to the physical plane. And this applies not only to the situation, but also to positive-negative, pleasant-unpleasant events in your life. If in a dream you hear how one of your friends speaks beautifully about you, asks for some benefits for you, then do not rush to rejoice! Most likely, this friend will betray you. If in a dream you see a scene of reconciliation with enemies, then in the near future expect the conflict to escalate.


These are just some of the paradoxical principles of the interpretation of those dreams that it makes sense to interpret.


It must also be said about dreams of public importance. If you suddenly dream that a major crop failure has occurred and a great famine has begun, that a terrible epidemic has begun, that “the sky has fallen to the ground,” or a volcanic eruption has occurred, and the lava has covered an entire island, or an alien invasion has occurred, do not rush to sound the general alarm . Cases of social significance will probably be reported in a dream not to someone who himself is just a part of society, and can not influence what is happening, but to someone who is set to manage this society. It happens, however, that a dream portends misfortune to a whole society, sees many ordinary members. Then this dream can really have predictive value.


In the future, we will talk about how to distinguish an ordinary dream, which only reflects the emotions and experiences of the present, from the so-called “prophetic dreams”, and also introduce some more paradoxical rules for the interpretation of allegorical dreams.


by Eric Midnight, 2015


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