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Natural beeswax candles

Candles that smell like honey in a way beyond words should be tried!

They are absolutely non-solid for your health, unlike paraffin candles.

Create an authentic atmosphere in a magical temple / oratory.

Many manufacturers offer "100% wax candles" but are actually selling candles made in fact only with paraffin wax, or mixed with paraffin wax. Such paraffin candles smoke, burn unevenly, crackle.

You will not mistake real 100% wax candles for anything else. They give off a delicious scent whether you've lit them or not. This is the natural scent of honey that accompanied the ancient mysteries, when paraffin candles did not exist yet.

These candles exude a pleasant honey scent during magical, mystical, theurgic operations. They will bring a special blessed state to the operator in a magic temple / oratory, and will easily lead you into a meditative state.

Beeswax promotes the accumulation of astral fluid and the manifestation of subtle spiritual energies during your occult practices.

Unlike paraffin candles, candles made from 100% natural beeswax are absolutely safe for health. And they are completely pleasant and useful for use in occult, mystical, spiritual practices!

Candle parameters: length 305 mm, diameter 9.2 mm.

10 candles - $ 30
15 candles - $ 45
25 candles - $ 75
35 candles - $ 105
45 candles - $ 135
50 candles - $ 150

Worldwide shipping: + $ 20

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