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Baal Hiram

Экзамен Неофита (английский)

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Ritual Work


1. Perform the L.B.R.P..

2. Perform the Middle Pillar Ritual.

3. Perform the Comfort Ritual.

4. Perform the Prayer and Invocation before Tarot working.

5. Perform the Neophyte Grade Sign.


Neophyte Initiation


1. How many Major Officers are there in the Neophyte Initiation?

2. How many Lesser Officers are there in the Neophyte Initiation?

3. Although it was not seen by "thine eyes" because of the blindfold on the candidate, the Lamp of the Kerux went before you. What does this Lamp signify?

4. The three fold cord bound around your waist during the Initiation means what?

5. Why is secrecy as to the Order, did its members, its teachings important?


Knowledge Lecture One


1. The Triplicities of Fire are:

2. The Triplicities of Water are:

3. The Triplicities of Earth are:

4. The Triplicities of Air are:

5. Name the seven ancient planets.

6. Recite the Hebrew alphabet in order beginning with Aleph. After each letter, give the literal meaning and number.

7. Name the three Mother Letters.

8. What are the two pillars referred to as in Highlights of Knowledge Lecture One With Hebrew?

9. The Rituals of the Dead in the Egyptian custom as exemplified in the Book of the Dead or Pert em Hru, are a form of ceremonial rituals to enable man to do what?

10. Name the signs of the Zodiac starting with Aries and ending with Pisces.


The Tree of Life


1. Name the sephiroth following the path of the Flaming Sword.

2. Queen scale color for Victory:

3. Queen scale color for Strength:

4. Queen scale color for Foundation:

5. Queen scale color for Mercy:

6. Queen scale color for Tiphareth:

7. Queen scale color for Understanding:

8. Queen scale color for Malkuth:

9. Queen scale color for Splendor:

10. Queen scale color for Wisdom:

11. How many paths connect the ten sephiroth?

12. Translation of Tiphareth:

13. Translation of Malkuth:


Miscellaneous General Questions


1. What is the Tetragrammaton?

2. What is the Pentagrammaton?

3. What is a Notarikon?

4. Lay out the Circle Spread Divination and name all the positions.

5. Describe the symbology of the Neophyte Grip, Step, and Grand Word.

6. Submit a sample of your written Hebrew letters.

7. Describe the Neophyte Grade Sign.

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