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Baal Hiram

Курс Неофита (английский)

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Rituals, Rites, Meditations and Invocations by Grade


Of The




Presented here are *some* of the rituals, rites, exercises, projects and grade work to be undergone by grade. Students who actually are exclusive about their work and go through this process purely and legitimately will find that the advanced work that they have seen or done before is not really what it appears to be. Practiced faithfully, it will gradually unfold the reality of ones spiritual nature.


The curriculum we present here is what one would expect to see as a member of the Hermetic Sanctuary of Ma'at. At first glance it may seem like a very difficult and involved undertaking but the beginner should not be discouraged. What we provide is a complete magical training course that if undertaken with sincerity and dedication can greatly enhance ones inherent abilities and lead to the unfolding of one's true spiritual nature. There is no real great secret about the material presented. Everything that any aspirant needs to succeed has been published for some time already. The secret to success in the Golden Dawn is not to be found in some secret unpublished material. Nor is it to be found in bizarre initiation rituals of a formal temple lodge. True magical abilities cannot be bought or sold and there is no quick and easy way to attain them. We are all created equal and with equal potential and the only way we can achieve Self-Mastery is by diligently working through the challenges that are brought before us.


The exercises, knowledge lectures, lessons, and projects presented here are designed to stimulate your sphere of sensation or magical aura for growth. Like a plant that is watered or an athlete that goes into training for his chosen sport, the teachings, exercises, and rituals provide a catalyst or fuel for spiritual awakening. These lessons and exercises are organized systematically in a way that each lesson and exercise serves as a foundation for the next. Memorization of the lessons and performance of the meditation exercises and ritual work stimulate new neural pathways that allow one to master the magical alphabet and language that we need to create our magical landscape. One must avoid "skipping ahead" of each lesson or exercise no matter how elementary they may seem if they are to succeed in this endeavor.


We believe that no other magical training system or book is as comprehensive and complete as what we provide here.


The Sanctuary of Ma'at's Curriculum is Broken Down into Three Major and Two Minor areas of emphasis for each grade.


Three Major Areas


1. Theoretical Study consisting of Knowledge Lectures, Side Lectures, Addendums, and Reading Assignments. These studies help you to develop and build your inner dictionary of symbolism, as you begin to work within the inner realms, either through meditations or pathworkings.


2. Practical Work consisting of constructing various Magical Tools, Alchemical Experiments, and other Hands-On Assignments. The practical study is designed to teach you how to work with the energies discussed in the Theoretical Study area. These are exercises, which are undertaken to increase your sensitivity and allow you to manipulate the energies. This is needed for the ritual work you will undertake.


3. Ritual Work consists of Basic Rituals to help purify your sphere of sensation (Aura) and basic exercises that help start the process of equilibrating specific Elemental energies within your aura.


Two Minor Areas


1. Meditation - allows you to work on the subtle levels through inner contemplation. This also allows you to develop a deeper understanding of certain theoretical concepts as you work with them on more than just a cognitive level. Meditating on topics also allows you to come closer to their energetic spheres.


2. Ritual Study - Introduces you to the understanding of the Officers that are in the Outer Order ceremonies. As you progress within the Outer Hall, you will increasing become involved with the ceremonies that are performed. In order for you to understand the role of the officers and the dynamics involved, you will be given information on what these officers do on an energetic, administrative and ceremonial level.

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Курс Обучения Неофита


Степень Неофита является введением в символизм и язык Западной Магической Традиции. Первая степень Внешнего Ордена, обозначается как 0=0, поскольку она не имеет какой-либо атрибутации со Сфирот Древа Жизни.


Ритуал посвящения Неофита имеет первостепенную важность для начал духовного роста и личного развития. Преимуществом посвящения является открытие возможности для просвещения души человека с помощью Незримого Божественного Света.


The Neophyte initiation is of prime importance to spiritual growth and personal evolution. The goal of initiation is to bring about the illumination of the human soul by the Inner and Divine Light. As the personality is gradually taught through magical studies, and moved into an alignment with the Higher Self through purification and ritual work, the Divine Light begins to permeate the aura (the sphere of sensation) of the individual. A true "initiate" is an individual who's Higher Self (or Higher Genius) has merged with the Lower Personality and actually incarnated into the physical body. The seed that an initiation plants within the soul of the magician is a perpetual one that will remain intact throughout many different incarnations, growing stronger as the person rediscovers his/her psychic abilities with each new life cycle.


The student should undertake the work prescribed by the HSoM with complete dedication, persistence, and perseverance. The introductory work begins the by the development of the inner light of introducing basic concepts and practical work necessary for the fanning of the flame of consciousness of the internal being. It begins by Designating your Ritual/Temple area, Establishing your Altar, Establishing a Ritual and Dream Journal, performance Daily Rituals, Rites and preliminary Meditation, Visualization and Awareness Techniques. Additionally Physical exercise and Vibration techniques of certain names or Words of Power are learned.


Изучение Ритуалов


· Четырех-кратное дыхание и Комментарий


· Малый Изгоняющий Ритуал Пентаграммы


· Поклонение Господу Вселенной


· Ежедневные Поклонения - Kheperu Nu Ra

{Эквивалент Liber Resh составленный Цицеро}


· Ритуал Срединного Столпа и Комментарий


· Ритуал Освящения Пищи - The Berakah


· The Rite of Elemental Equilibration


· Ритуальное Омовение


· Ритуал Психической Защиты


· Исцеляющий Ритуал Розы-Креста


· Ритуал Освящения Воды


· Ритуал Освящения Благовоний


· Индивидуальная Церемония Равноденствия (Solo Equinox Ceremony)


Теоретическое Обучение


· Введение в Систему Герметического Ордена Золотой Зари


· Neophyte Introduction and Outline


· Neophyte Initiation Ritual


· Primary Officers of the Outer Order


· Первая Теоретическая Лекция (Knowledge Lecture)


· The Elements

· The Zodiac

· The Triplicities

· The Quadruplicities

· The Signs

· The Seven Ancient Planets


· The Qabalah

· The Sephiroth

· The Hebrew Alphabet


· On The First Knowledge Lecture


· Историческая Лекция


· Progress in the Order


· Thoth-Hermes Temple Address to the Neophyte


· Address on the Pillars

· The Pillars of Shu


· Putting Magic into Practice


· Projecting the Circle


· Introduction to the Daily Adorations


· Order Etiquette


· The Outer Wand of Double Power


· Neophyte Grade Signs and Adoration


· The Four Knocks


· Thoughts on Imagination


· An Introduction to the Godform of Thme


· SOTEIRA-EUBOLUS: Insights on the Probationer Meditations


· Rosicrucian Healing


· The Qualities of the Spheres on the Holy Tree of Life


· An Overview of the Formula of the Qabalistic Cross


· The Tree of Life in the Aura


· Effective Use of The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram


· Divine Hebrew Names Associated with the LBRP

· A Few of the Magical Words Used in Ritual

· Words of Power and the Vibratory Formula


· Dreams The First Threshold to The Beyond

· Recording Your Dreams


· Theory and Practice of Black Magic


· Goetia and the HSoM


· Psychic Self-Defense


· History of the Emerald Tablet

· The Emerald Formula


· The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune (select pages)


· The Kybalion by Three Initiates (select pages)


· Kaballah Unveiled (select pages)


· The Art and Meaning of Magic by F. Israel Regardie


Практическая Работа


· Простейшие Дыхательные Упражнения


· Упражнение "Помоги Себе Сам" (Help Yourself Exercise)


· Медитация на Тишину (Learn Silence Exercise)


· Darkness Technique


· Упражнения на Осознанность (Sense Awareness Techniques)


· Упражнение на Визуализацию I (Visualization Exercise I)


· Ежедневное Упражнение с Таро (Daily Practical Exercise on the Tarot)


· Развитие Ясновидения с Картами Зенера (Extrasensory Awareness Exercise with Zener ESP Cards)


· Упражнение "Низведение Света" (Bringing Down the Light Exercise)


· Медитация на Знамена Востока и Запада (A Ritual Meditation on the Banners of the East and West)


· Медитация на Тау-Мантию (A Ritual Meditation on the Tau Robe)


· Медитация на Колонны (A Ritual Meditation on the Pillars)


· Пять ритуалов (The Five Rites)


· The Qabalistic Holy Wash


· Leaving The Body


· Ритуальный Дневник (Daily Ritual Diary)


· Еврейские Буквы (Hebrew Letter Practice)


· Нарисовать черно-белое Древо Жизни с обозначенными Божественными Именами

Construct a black and white Tree of Life with the Sephirotic Hebrew Names in Atziluth (Divine Names Attributed to the Sephiroth) placed upon it.


· Сигилы Планет, Еврейские Имена и Планетарные Архангелы соответствующие Планетам

The Planetary Sigils, Hebrew Names and Transliteration of Planet Archangels attributed to the Planets.

{На мой взгляд данный пункт скорее необходимо перенести в Степень Ревнителя - S.V.L.}


Медитативные Упражнения


· Медитация на Точку


· Calm-Abiding Meditation


· Предварительная Медитативная Работа

Preliminary Meditative Work


Изучение Посвятительных Церемоний


· Роль Стража (The Role of the Sentinel)


· Божественные Формы видимых постов (The Godforms of the Visible Stations)

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Материалы Esoteric Golden Dawn

(Всё есть на Английском)


Символизм Посвящения


Vows unto the Order

Neophyte Initiation

Grade Structure

Temple Symbology of the 0=0 Initiation

Grade Badge

Neophyte Grade Sign

Order Greeting

Neophyte Grip, Step and Grand Word




Address on the Pillars

Highlights of Knowledge Lecture One

Three Mother Letters

Drawing the Hebrew Alphabet

The Qabalah Defined - A Basic Understanding of the Tree of Life

Tetragrammaton Pentagrammaton

Basic Understanding of the Major Arcana


Практическая Работа


Pathworking Ritual Diary

Need for Daily Ritual Work and Persistence

Importance of Vibration

Relaxation Meditation

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Tarot Contemplation Ritual

Middle Pillar Ritual

Comfort Ritual

The Circle Spread Spiritual Divination and Primary Invocation Before All Tarot Workings




Miscellaneous Things You Should Know

Neophyte Advancement Test

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Griffin GD


Curriculum Preview


Below you find an overview of the theoretical and magical requirements of each grade of our outer order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Links are highlighted in red (although they are not active during this preview) to give you an idea of some of the materials available in the Golden Dawn School of Magic and Alchemy to you in each grade of our first order, the H.O.G.D.




Welcome to the Golden Dawn

Journal Keeping

Magical Implements

Channeling, Guided Fantasy, and Skrying in the Spirit Vision


Neophyte Level, 0=0


Theoretical Curriculum


Although the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has become a magical Order in the outer since the general reformation of 1999, a vast amount of intellectual material must be read, studied, and assimilated during the Outer Order process as well. None of this material has been arbitrarily included. The R.R. et A.C. has created the most brilliant synthesis of various aspects of practical magic currently known. In order to become a practicing Adept in our tradition, it is essential that a firm intellectual foundation be laid during the Outer Order process.


Neophyte Initiation Ritual

First Knowledge Lecture

Lecture- The Pillars

Lecture - Z - 1 - The Enterer of the Threshold

Lecture - Z - 3 - Symbolism of the Admission of the Candidate

Ritual of Pentagram

Ritual of Hexagram

Lecture - History

Side Lecture - Thoughts on Imagination

Side Lecture - Progress in the Order


Magical Curriculum


Since the general reformation of 1999, the entire magical corpus of the R.R. et A.C. was moved to the Outer Order. In the magical curriculum of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, practical magical work is presently organized according to the correspondence between each magical force and the Sephiroth of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. At the Neophyte level, members begin to purify their energy bodies with basic banishing rituals. Neophyte students also learn to charge their auras with other Golden Dawn rituals. The strengthening and purification of the energetic body are the basic tasks of the Neophyte Level.

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