Willpower development exercises — N. B. Butautas
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Willpower development exercises — N. B. Butautas

Willpower development exercises


by N. B. Butautas


The development of willpower is the duty of everyone who wants happiness for themselves, their family, and also humanity. Without it, you can have neither firmness, nor independence, nor protect yourself or anyone, nor can you have the moral strength that is necessary in order to prevent other people from enslaving you.


Willpower develops and strengthens on the basis of the unity of the mind with the decisions of common sense.


First you need to focus all your attention on the goal that you want to achieve, then intelligently reason and firmly decide - decide finally, without hesitation, and then insistently proceed to the final implementation of your decision…


Under no circumstances should one be discouraged by any difficulties that may arise along the way.


And if you made a mistake - have the courage to confess it, do not persist in the error, but, on the contrary, hurry to fix it, trying to do everything on your own, without running to the help of others, because, acting exclusively on your own, you act directly on own will, developing and strengthening it.


Next, we present some exercises that can help with this.


Instructions for thet exercises:


Take one exercise for every day for seven days.


Mentally read the exercise, feeling every word, making self-hypnosis, at least 5 minutes every time and at least ten times a day (the more times you repeat, the better the result).


A prerequisite is that during self-suggestion in your brain there are no extraneous thoughts, all attention should focus on the thought that is being suggested.

Start reading this exercise in the morning when you wake up; then throughout the day, as well as going to bed, repeat it until you fall asleep.


When you study the first seven exercises over the course of seven days, you must repeat them over the next seven days, reading all seven exercises together each time.


At the end of this period, begin to study the exercises from the next, second group, taking one exercise per day and repeating the same thing that was done with the first seven exercises.


When you have already completed a four-week course, you should change the training order, taking two numbers for each day, one from the first group, the other from the second, and read them together throughout the day; the next day take the following numbers and so on.


At the end of seven days, you should study all fourteen issues together and continue this workout, always reading three to four times every day.


First group


1. My will is strong, no one can resist my influence. I am the master of my own actions.

2. I will never be excited, embarrassed, or desperate.

3. I firmly decided to have success, and I am sure that I will have it. I will never make a hasty, rash decision.

4. I will never regret after my decision.

5. I will succeed in all my endeavors - I cannot fail to succeed in them.

6. No one can resist my influence - I have a strong will.

7. My decisions will be final, and I will never do anything in half.


Second group


1. I will not act against my own reasoning. I will never dare to do things that can hurt others.

2. I will always be honest about myself and in my relationships with others.

3. I decided to influence others; I perfectly control myself; I do not know the feeling of weakness.

4. I will not be shy; I will not be nervous talking to anyone; I will feel free under all circumstances.

5. I will never succumb to anger, and irritation will be foreign to me; I will not “spoil my blood” and be upset about anything; nothing will bother me.

6. I will influence myself always and also influence others; I have complete power over myself - my will is strong.

7. I will be imbued with these decisions, I will firmly hold them in my mind and will always conform to them - they must “enter into my flesh and blood”.


© N. B. Butautas, the magazine "Mentalism" 1906-1909

Translation © Eric Midnight, 30 of June, 2020


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