Astral projection practice — A. Likhanov
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Astral projection practice — A. Likhanov

Astral projection practice

by A. Likhanov


astral projectionUnder the general term "Telepathy", one can summarize all phenomena in which a complete or partial exteriorization of the astral body is detected. These phenomena can be arbitrary and involuntary.


Full or partial exteriorization of the astral can be caused by the influence of personal will on one's own body, as well as on the organisms of other people and animals.


Our course includes the arbitrary exteriorization of the astral body and the ability to direct it at will to any place.


To develop this ability, it is necessary, as in the previous one, to have a strong will and, most importantly, to be able to focus.


Preparatory exercises.


1 exercise. Imagine that you are falling into the abyss. Remember this sensation and learn to evoke it arbitrarily.


2 exercise. On a sunny day, follow the flight of clouds in the sky, trying not to think about anything, and imagine that you are flying with the clouds.


3 exercise. Arouse in yourself the sensation that occurs in people who faint.


4 exercise. Reflect, breathing rhythmically, that the body serves as a dwelling for the higher spirit and that your spirit, if desired, can stand out from the body. Achieve the ability to feel your soul as something completely independent, separate from the body.


5 exercise. Lie down, loosen your muscles, close your eyes and plug your ears.


Imagine that you got out of bed and walk around the room.


It is necessary, as bright and definite as possible, to imagine all the details of the room and your lying physical body.


Then again mentally return to the body. The duration of the exercise is 30 minutes.


6 exercise. Lie down, loosen your muscles, close and plug your ears. Try to mentally go outside, to a familiar house, etc. The duration of the exercise is no more than 30 minutes.


7 exercise. Learn quickly, if desired, at the same time cause a feeling of falling into the abyss and dizziness, combining these feelings with mental walks around the room, at home and on the street.


With all these exercises, you need to see your body lying on the bed and imagine that it is not your body.


The main exercises.


So far, we have only had preparation for the exteriorization of the astral body, although during these experiments it could have happened arbitrarily. The exteriorization of the astral body is accomplished as follows.


8 exercise. Lie down, weaken muscles, close eyes and ears, focusing all attention on your “self” and forgetting about the body. Then, instantly tighten all the muscles of your body and hold them in such a state for 3-4 seconds, wanting to exteriorize your astral body, and instantly release them, until complete relaxation.


At the moment of complete muscle relaxation, you should cause a feeling of falling into the abyss, and then, if you have done the previous experiments well, your astral body will exteriorize.


9 exercise. To be able to exteriorize your astral is far from enough: you must learn to act in it.


Make your astral body roam around the room and then around the house. Avoid sharp objects and metal surfaces along the way. Be on guard at all times; and it is better to flee to your body rather than, in the first experiments, to allow someone to cross the path your astral has traveled so that the fluid connection with your body is not broken, which threatens with death.


Duration of exercise: 20-30 minutes. Longer exercises can greatly debilitate the body.


10 exercise. Try, during an astral walk, to perform some action. For example, before an experiment open a book on any page in the next room. And during the experiment, look at the page number or read a few lines and remember them, and then check.


Or take a pencil or other light object from the next room.


11 exercise. Take a walk to one of your friends. Look, and listen and remember what was happening there at that moment, and then check.


12 exercise. When making a walk to one of your friends, try to touch him and make him feel your presence.

Diversify your experiences as you see fit. The main rule is to think hard about the place where you want to send your astral body. The key to everything is will and concentration.


It is necessary to mention the harm of those drugs, which, due to their narcotic properties, act on the astral and contribute to its exteriorization. Opium, hash, Folia Damianae, ether, chloroform and other similar drugs are the most important representatives of these substances. Not to mention their destructive effect on the physical body, they mainly weaken the will and clarity of consciousness, which always leads the astral to unfortunate accidents and often to a final break with the body.


The use of drugs for magical purposes is possible either with extensive personal experience, or under the guidance of a mentor who monitors the experience.


For long walks in the astral body and generally for experiments in this field, the reader needs to get acquainted with the population and the dangers of the astral and its plan, so that, if possible, be ready to repel the attacks of invisible enemies. The main danger is threatened by a disturbance in the fluid connection between the astral and the vital body. To protect against larvae, it is better to outline yourself with a magic circle.


Author © A. Likhanov
Article from Isis Magazine
Translated by Eric Midnight, May 2020


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