Prophetic dreams — Sar Dinoil
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Prophetic dreams — Sar Dinoil

Prophetic dreams

by Sar Dinoil


Prophetic dreamsAs you know, the astral plane is the environment in which precursors of future events appear, long before their implementation in the physical plane. On the other hand, the astral performs the assignment, as it were, of the archive of nature, in which the outdated forms of the past are preserved. The present is equally reflected in the astral plane.


In a state of ecstasy and deep sleep, the Higher Consciousness can sometimes pick up the astral cliché of the future, past and present. The shadows of the past are distinguished by their pallor, lack of vitality in them; real events are lively, vivid in nature, while the cliches of the future are different in that they have not yet taken shape, but are quite distinct.


As already explained, the paintings visible in the astral plane are usually allegorical (symbolic) in nature, the meaning of which will inevitably change depending on the psyche of the one who sees them.


So, for example, the picture of the struggle between some northern and southern peoples in a dream of one person can take the form of a struggle between a polar bear and a fire dragon, and for another, for example, the form of a struggle of light and shadow.


Sometimes, however, such paintings lose their allegorical character and are simply an exact copy of the events to which they relate.


The art of interpreting dreams is rather difficult. Not everyone can, moreover, have prophetic dreams, and not all of them are prophetic dreams. As a model of interpretation, we will point to the Biblical example of Joseph. The whole point here is the ability to grasp the allegorical meaning of the dream. There are special techniques for managing dreams that give very interesting results. With the help of methodical exercises, one can learn to evoke various dreams arbitrarily and receive instructions regarding all kinds of things and events, even future ones. In a dream, you can force yourself to remember the forgotten, to see the person, the terrain, the event you are interested in and more.


Author © Sar Dinoil
Article from Isis Magazine
Translated by Eric Midnight, May 2020

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