Development of passive psychic abilities by A. Likhanov
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Development of passive psychic abilities by A. Likhanov

Development of passive psychic abilities


by A. Likhanov


Having prepared your body, subjecting it to the control of the will, having accumulated a significant amount of dynamized nervous fluid and having learned to control it, you can begin the correct development of psychic abilities.


The expression "correct development" is quite appropriate, since physical, breathing and psychic exercises, although they are intended for other purposes (improving the body, developing the will, accumulating fluid, educating the psyche), still develop psychic abilities, which manifests itself in the form of sudden flashes forebodings, prophetic dreams, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. But all this is observed temporarily and not regularly and, in most cases, regardless of will, suddenly.


To develop all these abilities, you need training: you need to constantly practice, and only then can you achieve success, and even then only after proper preparation. One may ask: why this preparation, what does it have to do, for example, with the development of clairvoyance, and why not immediately proceed to the appropriate exercises?


In response to this, we can say that for the development of mental abilities, it is necessary to have a healthy body, strong will and a disciplined psyche.


Appropriate exercises that serve to develop psychic abilities, without prior preparation, can cause phenomena that are dangerous to human health and reason. This is why insanity and nervous illness are common consequences of "home" Occult practice.


After these preliminary remarks, you can start exploring ways to develop passive abilities.


Everyone knows that external impressions are nothing more than special vibrations of this or that environment, reaching our consciousness, thanks to the sense organs. The vibrations of the ether make it possible to see, the vibrations of the air (air waves) make it possible to hear. All other senses (taste, smell and touch) also depend on the body's ability to perceive external stimuli, influences, vibrations. Thus, the senses pick up vibrations only of a certain speed, beyond which we do not perceive them.


But there are people who are distinguished by a more subtle hearing, i.e. able to pick up vibrations inaccessible to others; some people see at a greater distance than others, or see colors of the spectrum that are not noticeable to others (cashmere weavers distinguish over 60 shades that are invisible to Europeans), etc. Through exercise, we can develop our hearing to such an extent that we will hear, for example, the ticking of a clock at a great distance. The same can be said for all other senses. The sense of touch in the blind develops to such an extent that they recognize the presence of an object from one change in air pressure. It follows from this that the development of each of the sense organs can be brought to an astonishing degree.


You can develop them so that they will perceive not only the more subtle vibrations of the physical plane, but also the vibrations of other planes, for example, the astral, and with diligent, persistent development of them, even the vibrations of the mental plane. Finally, it is possible to achieve such a development that the physical senses become unnecessary, and a person will receive the ability to perceive without the medium of the physical body.


Thus, the development of passive abilities is reduced to the ability to perceive more subtle vibrations of other planes, inaccessible to an ordinary person.


Passive abilities include: psychometry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, etc.


 From the "Isida" magazine 

Translated by Eric Midnight, 2020 

The text was prepared by the Teurgia.Org team, 2020

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