Bewitchment of hatred and prayer by Papus
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Bewitchment of hatred and prayer by Papus

Is bewitchment possible?


Historical, critical and anecdotal research of this issue


Bewitchment of hatred and prayer


by Papus


A young lady enters the office of a young doctor, reputed to be an expert in this field.

- Dr. I., I came to you at the direction of your fellow by profession, Dr. X., who told me that you can show me a way to get rid of my husband by bewitchment.


- Madam, I am very sorry that my colleague misled you. I was convinced scientifically that it is impossible to carry out in practice such a task on a subject who is not hypnotized. On the other hand, it is a criminal act to do such things, and tradition teaches us that the first victim of such actions is exactly the person who wants to get the benefit.


- But doctor, I am a victim of vile deeds, and I can only defend myself this way. What should I do?


- Madam, there are many people in Paris who are ready to extort money from you in a more or less clever way, promising to successfully commit such an abomination. Moreover, the most superficial knowledge of occult philosophy is enough to assure you that all attempts of this kind will come down on you and increase your moral suffering. Anyone who has taken money from you to help through the Black Magic is a charlatan or an ignoramus, fully deserving of contempt, acting on your imagination, inspiring you with impossible hopes and assuring you of the extraordinary power of these rites. A little moral strength is enough to free yourself from suggestion, it will save you from exploitation and from grief.


- But, doctor, I understand you perfectly. You don't want to tell me how to proceed; but I'm sure you know the remedy.


- You are completely possessed by the idea of ​​revenge; it will lead you to more misery than you are currently experiencing. You imagine that there are secret means to influence a person under normal health conditions. But I once again confirm this is my sincere conviction that if such an action is possible, then you will become its only victim, and I persistently ask you, in your own interest, to give up the thought of bewitching your husband.


- But what will you advise me in my grief?


- Trust in God, madam.


- Oh, of course, how can I not believe in God and not rely on Him?


- Go every day to a nearby church and pray fervently for the one who is responsible for your grief; pray that his character will change and that he will return his love to you. This is the only effective remedy that I can recommend to you, since the invocation of the heavenly forces helps to find the true path in every business.


- I will never be able to pray for such a person.


- You will never know happiness, and you yourself will be to blame for this. For this I give you the freedom to go to professional witchcraft; they will ridicule you, use your gullibility, and bewitchment will get another fanatical follower.

- Maybe you're right. I will try to follow your advice. How much do I owe you?


- Madam, my service to medicine is well paid and provides the means for a decent existence. But if I decided to give instructions for the means of practical Occultism for money, then I would lose the advantage I have acquired, gained by previous efforts. It would be tantamount to truly bewitching me, perhaps the only one that can be done. You owe me nothing, and I will be perfectly happy if prayer helps you to avoid a bad deed, even the thought of which is no less dangerous to fulfill. Goodbye, I wish you the best of luck.


Now, reader, you own all the data on how to resolve the issue of "bewitchment".


 From the "Isida" magazine 

Translated by Eric Midnight, 2020 

The text was prepared by the Teurgia.Org team, 2020

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