Update of Teurgia website: 8 of September 2019
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Update of Teurgia website: 8 of September 2019

magickeskii obraz duhov solncaWe present the first update in the history of the portal Teurgia.Org in English. The update is illustrated by a picture depicting the magical images of the Spirits of the Sun according to the book "Elementary Treatise on Practical Magic" ("Traité élémentaire de magie pratique") by Dr. Papus. A description of the appearance of the Spirits of the Sun according to the "Practical Magic" of Papus can be found in the corresponding article.


The website Teurgia.Org has been operating in Russian, providing readers with materials on the Western occult tradition since 2009. The decade of the portal was marked by access to international space. The need to provide access to our original copyright articles, materials, publications has been brewing for a long time, and its implementation was associated with significant work to improve the platform on which the website operates, and finally, it happened.


The materials that will replenish the English-language section of Teurgia.Org are devoted to the practical methods and practices of the Western occult tradition, in particular grimoire magic, theurgy, mysticism, initiatory societies, the history of magic art and occult sciences, alchemy, tarot, traditional western astrology, Enochian Magic and many other relevant topics.


Authors of high-quality and interesting materials on the Western occult tradition in English can contact the administration of the Teurgia.Org website with a proposal for cooperation at this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Martinism in Russia
Apartment in St. Petersburg where martinist Gregory Mebes lived — Melius Magus
An article with photographs (with help of which you can easily find this place) about an apartment in St. Petersburg in which lived and worked, and also held Martinist meetings, a prominent figure in Russian Martinism, an occultist, a mathematics professor, Gregory Mebes, with his wife, also a Martinist Nesterova Maria Alfredovna. The article also provides information about their arrest, followed by destructive exiles to the Martinists' health and life.


Occult Philosophy

Occult systems of correspondences as a base of magical practice — Baal-Hiram
Baal-Hiram, creator of the Teurgia.Org website, gives recommendations for the study and practice of occultism, a fundamental part of which is the initial study of occult correspondence systems.

Does the magus need religion? — Baal-Hiram
In this article, the author discusses what religion is for the magician, whether it is identical to confessional affiliation; what distinguishes magic as art from magic as handicraft; and also the authors highlights some other nuances of such a delicate topic.


Philosophy and methods of Ceremonial Magic
The importance of building a reverent attitude towards occult symbolism and inventory — Baal-Hiram
In this article, Baal-Hiram, the creator of the portal Teurgia.Org, discusses the importance of respecting ritual instruments and symbols, explains the reason for the need for such an attitude, and the ins and outs of attempts by people with a philistine consciousness to treat sacred objects and symbols neglectfully.

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