Update of Teurgia website: 7 of October 2019
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Update of Teurgia website: 7 of October 2019

duhi saturna po papiusuWe introduce our second English update. The update illustrates a picture in which the magical images of the Spirits of Saturn are depicted according to the book “The Elementary Treatise on Practical Magic” (“Traité élémentaire de magie pratique”) by Dr. Papus. A description of the appearance of the Spirits of Saturn according to Papus's “Practical Magic” can be found in this article.

The articles in this update focus on the history of Martinism, occult philosophy, mysticism, magic, astrology, and the difference between black magic and witchcraft.


In this update, for the first time, we are publishing one of the materials from the Teurgia.Org collection of rarities: this is a scan of a letter with medical prescriptions for the treatment of a patient, written by Dr. Papus (Gerard Encausse). The original letter is in French, we decrypted and translated it into English.


We express our gratitude to Margherita Fiorello, a magnificent traditional Western astrologer, for her permission to publish her articles on our portal. In this update, we publish her material on fixed stars and temperament.

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History of Martinism
A medical prescription written by Dr Papus: rare document
This is the first scanned material from the collection of rare documents of Teurgia.Org. This is an original prescription written by Dr. Papus for treating one of his patients. The recipe states the need for the use of homeopathic methods, as well as the presence of an occult effect on the patient. The original document is in French. We translated it into English.


Occult philosophy
Three Paths in Western Occult Tradition — Baal-Hiram
This is an article about Tree Paths in Western Occult Tradition: the Path of the Theurg (operational path), the Path of the Mystic (inner path), and the Path of the Knight (outer path of virtue and charity). The author also cites excerpts from the Encyclopedia of Occultism by the Russian Martinist Gregory Mebes.


Black Magic and Sorcery — Baal-Hiram
This article is about the difference between black magic and witchcraft. The article discusses the definitions of black magic and witchcraft, superstition, and other related concepts.


Mysticism, Magic, Theurgy and Magism — Baal-Hiram
This article is about difference between magic and Theurgy. The author also talks about Mysticism and Magism, Ceremonial Magic, Spiritual Alchemy and other related notions, giving their definitions.


Fixed stars and temperament — Margherita Fiorello
Material written by Margherita Fiorello, a traditional Western astrologer, on the effect of fixed stars on a person’s character. The author provides an English translation of the text by Andrea Argoli from "Ptolomeus Parvus". The material first appeared on Margherita Fiorello's blog, “Heaven astrolabe”.

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