Update of Teurgia website: 10 of January 2020
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Update of Teurgia website: 10 of January 2020

ubegayuschaya atalanta We present the January update in English of the Teurgia.Org portal. The update illustrates a digital remake of emblem #42 from the alchemical treatise "Atalanta Fugiens" by Michael Maier (1617). The emblem is signed with the following words: "Nature, Reason, Experience and Reading must be the Guide, Staff, Spectacles and Lamp to him that is employed in Chemical Affairs." We have placed the color version of the picture in our gallery.


The articles in this update focus on the history of occultism and biographies of famous occultists, occult philosophy, astrology.


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Occult travels: Père Lachaise Cemetery
Teurgia.Org presents the first issue of the Occult Travels project, dedicated to the Paris Père Lachaise Cemetery. Famous occultists of the 19th-20th centuries are buried in the cemetery. We will visit the graves of Dr. Papus (famous magician and martinist), Jean-Antoine Chaptal (martinist), Allan Kardec (founder of French spiritism), Honoré de Balzac (martinist and writer), Gérard de Nerval (author of mystical works) and Mlle Lenormand (pythoness).


The purpose of the project: to make visiting places related to the history of Western occultism convenient and easy for travelers. Using our landmarks, you can easily find the places shown in the video yourself. Or "visit" a significant place, at least thanks to the first-person video we shot.


Yakov Vilimovich Bruce and Russian astrology — Isis magazine
Biographical note on the life of Jacob Bruce from the magazine "Isis". The material also talks about the interest of Peter the Great in astrology, about the library and typographic activities of Jacob Bruce, as well as about the unique "Bruce calendar."


The concept of Astrology — Isis magazine
An article by Sergei Tukholka from the "Isis" magazine about initial information on astrology. He also gives a list of phenomena designated by the twelve houses.


Cardano on fixed stars in De iudiciis geniturarum (1547) — Margherita Fiorello
Translation of a passage from "De iudiciis geniturarum" (1547) by Girolamo Cardano about fixed stars from the blog of traditional western astrologer Margherita Fiorello named "Heaven Astrolabe".


Occult philosophy
Mystical discussion about Determination and Altruism — Eric Midnight
A short essay on the mystical meaning of altruism, divine work and magic.

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