Update of Teurgia website: 7 of December 2019
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Update of Teurgia website: 7 of December 2019

djon di i edvard kelli nekromantiyaWe present the December update in English of the Teurgia.Org portal. This update illustrates a digital remake of the famous image: Edward Kelly with John Dee in the Act of invoking the Spirit of a deceased Person. Copperplate engraving circa 1790. Original drawing by Ebenezer Sibly , engraved by John Ames of Bristol (according to Fincham, "Artists and engravers of British and American book plates", 1897)


The articles in this update focus on the history of Martinism, occult philosophy, Chain of Beings, astrology.


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Occult philosophy

Occult properties of things — Eric Midnight
An essay on the hidden properties of things that can be manifested through proper sanctifications. The essay is based on the concept of the Great Chain of Beings.


Mystical discussion about the Truth — Eric Midnight

A mystical argument about what truth is and are there really "evil people" exist, or are they all naturally good? Reasoning includes an excerpt from the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, "The Master and Margarita."


The hanging soul: bipolar disorder and traditional astrology — Margherita Fiorello
The author analyzes the problem of bipolar disorder from the point of view of traditional astrology, resorting to the works of Maimonides and Ptolemy. The author also examines, for example, the natal chart of Robert John Downey Jr.


Astrology: the science of the soul — Eric Midnight
An essay on how the Planets and Zodiac Signs affect the soul of a person and about what benefits can be derived from astrology for a person who wants to build his/her own character.


History of Martinism

Postcard from Martinist René Philipon
Antique postal card from the occultist René Philipon with congratulations. The inscriptions on the back of the football player card have been translated into English. René Philipon was a Martinist, philanthropist and collector.



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