Update of Teurgia website: 30 of November 2020
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Update of Teurgia website: 30 of November 2020

zaklinanie silfovWe introduce the Teurgia.Org website update in Russian. The update illustrates an image of a magician conjuring air spirits - sylphs. The author of the illustration is Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. The color image is available in our gallery.


The articles in this update focus on the topics of mentalism and personal magnetism, mnemonics, astrology and practice of Theurgy.


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At the moment, the book “Algerian manuscript of Martinez de Pasqually” in Russian, four Planetary Talismans an several types of high-quality natural incense are placed in the store as goods. Gradually, the assortment of the store will expand. Stay tuned for updates in the store. Ten percent of the store’s profits will go to help private shelters for homeless animals.


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Mentalism and magnetism
Developing willpower — A. Likhanov
A number of helpful tips for developing willpower for the mentalist.


Mnemonics in everyday life — Sar Dinoil
Daily habits to develop memory for mentalists.


Practice of Theurgy
Prayer for the sick — Peter Mogila
One of the prayers of Peter Mogila, the purpose of which is to restore health to a sick person.


12 Houses in astrology: their meaning — Papus
A brief description of the meaning of the 12 Houses in Astrology according to Dr. Papus (excerpted from his book "The Tarot of the Bohemians").


The first day of the year — Margherita Fiorello
This article refers to the first day of the year among the Romans after Numa Pompilius.

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