Astrology: the science of the soul — Eric Midnight
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Astrology: the science of the soul — Eric Midnight

Astrology: the science of the soul


 According to occultism, the soul is the astral body of man, complete with Planetary and Zodiac influences that entered it at the time of its birth, right at the moment when he, as a newborn, breathed the first whiff of air, and became an independent being.


But this is not an axiom that we must accept because we are unable to prove it. We are easily convinced of the ability of the astral body to absorb the influences of the Planets and Signs, as well as their further impact on the character and behavior of a person, by conducting the Great Ritual of the Hexagram and while accepting the Divine Forms, which also have Planetary correspondences and an astral nature. In fact, when we vibrate the Divine Names in the Great Ritual of the Hexagram, we cause a resonance in the astral space, invoking the Powers of the Planets to nourish our astral body, and then it resonates in response, absorbing these Powers. Thus, this practice confirms the theoretical tenets of occultism, establishes the connection between the theory and practice, occultism and magic and their mutual importance for a person who wants to know Microcosm and Macrocosm.


The practical usage of Astrology obviously follows the same direction as discussed above. Some astrologers have a common opinion that "the stars may influence man, but they don’t have ultimate power over his decisions.” At the same time, it is necessary to directly control the influences of stars in order not to be constantly compelled by them. How can this coercion be avoided? The fact is that it would be strange to look for an answer to the important question that people ask themselves — “Who am I?” — in the hosts of the qualities of character and inclinations that defines a person. One tendency replaces another, one character is replaced by the next, and ultimately everything is dependent upon the situations and circumstances of the outside world. Where in this multitude of personalities can we find the true one, which can describe the essence? Perhaps we can compare these qualities of character with tools that are used for their intended purpose, but are they anything solid and stable if they are tools? Where is the master who uses them? We cannot look for the master among the manifestations of the soul, because he is the spirit, which is the will of man. Without this master, the hammer will be used where the brush should be used, and the brush where the sword should be used. The magician, as the master of himself, manages his tools according to their intended purpose, among which and astrology and magical practices take chief importance. Astrology is a science which describes the predetermined conditions and circumstances of one’s life, which can be influenced and controlled by magical practices. Using such tools, we try to find a way to avoid the coercive influence of the Stars, because we begin to work with them.


We can judge the scientific nature of astrology by its methods, including the fact that their validity is verified by astrologers when studying the past of significant historical personalities and by comparing facts with the position of the Planets in the corresponding period. According to one of the aphorisms of Gerolamo Cardano, a famous astrologer of the 16th century, “In maintaining the art and knowledge, it is equally important to either predict what will happen from the known natal charts, or to recognize natal charts, previously unknown, after the events had happened, and then to rectify the charts. But in the vulgar opinion, the first method is much superior to the second. " (rephrased translation)


Besides that, the truth of the influence of the Planets and Zodiac Signs can be checked, and regularly confirmed by magicians experimentally. The paradox is that nowadays although psychology is recognized as the science of the soul, nothing can be far from the truth. The word “psycho” in psychology comes from the Greek word ψυχή. However, we believe that it is absurd to use the term “psycho” for the name of this particular branch of science when its meaning itself is not clear to those who follow and practice it. Moreover, speaking not only from theory, but also from the practice of astral projection, we become aware that the astral body differs from the physical in a more intense level of vibrations, akin to the differences between the elements of inert Earth and Air. Unfortunately, these days, people use the word science o for only those studies which deal with physical world, but not the astral planes.


We are inclined to separate the competence of the lower science from the higher one, since scientists, proceeding only from the physical plane, are not able to study the astral world — the intermediary plane — for the reason that its vibration is so intense that not a single physical device is able to detect them, except in cases of manifestation of the lower astral planes. Is it possible to study causes in the world of effects? Is it possible with the help of psychology to find out the motives of human behavior, when the very behavior and thoughts are only consequences of different motives? Psychology consists of many classifications based on the apparent manifestations of causes, but behind the invisibility of causes, it is impossible to find out the motives. Astrology is a clear classification, consisting of a description of the qualities of the Planets and Zodiac Signs, as well as Houses, from the combination of which in the natal chart we are able to draw conclusions about what an individual person is and what drives him in life.

Author of the article © Eric Midnight

Translated into English from Russian by © Viktoria Polikarpova & Ankit Sinha, 2019


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