Occult properties of things — Eric Midnight
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Occult properties of things — Eric Midnight

Occult properties of things


Most practitioners of magic have, at some point of time, come across long lists of occult properties of stones, plants and animals. Someone perhaps even bought topaz to reveal his hidden talents, or pearls to improve things in his personal life. But do these occult properties work if the objects were not properly sanctified? Let's examine.

Each thing is endowed with certain qualities and properties due to the astral influences fixed within it. When you hold some kind of stone in your hands, it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. With an invisible chain on the astral plane, it is magnetically connected with things that are hierarchically above it. That is: a plant, animal, planet, zodiac sign, and beyond, to supernatural things. Potentially, this seemingly simple stone possesses a powerful force that is capable of influencing you and even those around you and the events that happen to you through a magnetic fluid. However, these forces come from the occult (ie, "hidden", "secret") properties of this stone.

If these properties are occult, then occult methods are also necessary for working with them. If you just hang some agate on your neck, counting on changes in your character, then the benefits from it will be almost exactly the same as from pebbles or a piece of brick. Only your own auto-suggestion can fix the situation.

The occult properties of things are their potential powers in the same way as each person only potentially has the power to control the spirit of some Planet. However, in order to realize this potency, he will need to awaken in himself the very best qualities of this Planet and gain complete control over them. Only after that he will be able to engage in the evocation of the spirit of this Planet.

Many people potentially possess the occult properties of Mercury, the Sun, Mars, the Moon, and so on. They are embedded in their astral bodies. Roughly speaking, they themselves are like “walking talismans,” due to their planetary and zodiac qualities, which cause certain events in their lives. But this is just a small part of the results that they could achieve if they consciously began to work out the qualities of these planets, strengthen them in themselves, purify and improve.

Moreover, we know that each person has an astral body. However, from the mere presence of an astral body, no one becomes a clairvoyant, magnetizer, and so on.

Occult properties in things designed to produce a certain beneficial effect on the astral, and, consequently, on the material plane, must also be “awakened” in order for the “secret to become manifest” and effective.


Author of the article © Eric Midnight

Translated into English from Russian by © Viktoria Polikarpova & Ankit Sinha, 2019

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