How to start studying occultism? — Eric Midnight
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How to start studying occultism? — Eric Midnight

How to start studying occultism?


by Eric Midnight


How to start studying occultism? This natural question interests anyone at the beginning of the journey.


With what you prefer. There are many directions in occultism, but it is precisely the one that captivates you the most at the moment you start studying that will push you to storm the heights of practice and the depth of science. You can start the study with anything: from meditation, lucid dreams, talismanic magic, demonology, planetary invocations and evocations. Yes, it is more difficult to start with some occult disciplines, and easier from others. But if you take the bar high enough for yourself, and you have to go through other additional disciplines beforehand, really possessing a desire to reach heights, you will still be inspired enough not to drop everything halfway, and continue to develop towards the desired goal.


Of course, you will need to study the theoretical foundations of occultism at any priorities, otherwise there can be no talk of any competent magical practice. But everything happens gradually, no need to chase your goal so that in the end you burn out and use up all the inspiration and fuse. In magical art, it is important, in addition to inspiration, to have patience as well.


As you read and practice, your priorities and interests may change. This may not surprise you, because when you start studying the occult sciences, you still have no idea about them and what this knowledge and practice will reveal to you.


First, you can set yourself the priority in the form of talisman magic in order to achieve purely materialistic goals. In the end, you can come to spiritual alchemy as a new priority. Perhaps your focus will shift to a thorough study of astrology in the process of achieving mastery in talismanic magic.


The fact is that Western occultism contains many sciences and practices, but they all complement each other and are a single whole.


Therefore, start the study with what kindles the fire of desire in you to study and, of course, to practice. Where the once chosen path will lead you is a mystery, but if occult science were so understandable and predictable, it would not be a hidden science.


Improving in one area will enrich your understanding in others. The main thing is not to stop and improve constantly.


 for Teurgia.Org by Eric Midnight, 2020 June

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