Lecture on the word and gesture — Dialty
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Lecture on the word and gesture — Dialty

Lecture on the word and gesture


by Dialty


In conclusion of the course, it seems to us necessary to unite those results that should have been obtained by the person who systematically studied it. The aim of our guide was to give guidance on the harmonious and comprehensive development of the organism.

Undoubtedly, everyone should have noticed the changes that took place in his physical body and psyche. The most difficult parts of the course, no doubt, should have been sections of control over thoughts, concentration and achievement of ecstasy, which, as we said, is the result of exceptional tension of spiritual forces and harmonious tuning with higher planes. The enormous work that is undertaken by the one working in the field of Psychurgy is justified by the lofty goal of personal improvement and the desire to bring all possible assistance to the evolution of surrounding lives. Giving students sometimes difficult tasks, we pursued the idea of ​​the most complete penetration and submission of the physical organism to psychic power. We put a number of muscle and breathing exercises in the foreground. Their goal was to establish in a person consciousness in the smallest movements of muscles and the rhythm of blood circulation and respiration. This, in turn, was supposed to give rise to the rhythmic radiation of the body's electromagnetic currents. By focusing exercises on one or another part of the body, the ability to arbitrarily control and concentrate these forces was achieved, which served as the key to the production of magnetic phenomena. The student could not fail to notice that the smoothness and calmness of thought was always in connection with the general harmony of the work of breathing and nerves, and you could learn to control the latter only by mastering the laws of rhythmic breathing. At the beginning of the course, we indicated breathing as the main source of nutrition and life of the body, and there is no doubt that only by mastering it perfectly and making it work smoothly and fully, you can achieve the correct and maximum distribution of prana in the body.

In experiments of concentration and transmission of thought at a distance, the body was accustomed to secreting psychic energy in an even and powerful flow. In experiments where we continuously sent a series of the same thoughts into space, we tried to indicate the observance of the same rhythm as with breathing exercises.

Now we need to remind readers that apparently in the universe there is no rectilinear motion and everything vibrates according to the laws of rhythm. The moon depicts spirals around the Earth, which catches up with the spiraling motion of the Sun rushing at an incomprehensible speed, describing, probably, a similar line around some center unknown to us, etc., everything moves along curved lines, with rhythmic correctness. All forms of motion known to us, such as light, sound, electricity, represent a force that vibrates in ether particles and differs from one another by the speed of movement and oscillation. We know that the rhythm of the Earth is equal to a year, that is, in July, its speed decreases to reach its peak in December. The same is true in all vibrations: particles of all solids, liquids and gases are in constant motion, on the basis of the same laws that govern the universe - “all in everything”.

There is no stillness in the world, everything vibrates, and each thing has its own basic tonality, the meaning of which makes it possible to modify it with the help of a certain kind of “sympathetic vibrations” inherent in it. This is the basis for casting spells and mantras. Guidance on the dominant tone is given by the type of thing, belonging to its known planet, because all the action takes place in the astral plane.

Psychic energy has its inherent speed of movement and is subject to the same laws of rhythm as other types of movement. The human body is so universal that it contains all the types of energy known to us, and the initial task of Psychurgy is to subordinate them to the psyche, and also to strengthen and excrete them outside. This is only possible if the psyche has a number of rhythmic influences on the types of energy available to the body. Going further, man's power reaches the opportunity to influence not only his body, but also some of the forces of nature. Ways to influence them belong to Ceremonial Magic, which we will not touch on and will limit ourselves only to indicating the two most important techniques practiced in it - gesture and word.

Knowing that the whole universe is imbued with magnetism and that a person constantly passes through its waves, according to the laws of the distribution of their current in the body, the meaning of the gesture becomes clear.

The reader knows how the poles are distributed in the human body and how the use of magnetic current occurs. A gesture directed in one direction or another magnetizes space and allows the human psyche to influence it with its vibrations.

Another magic trick is the word, based, firstly, on the law of the influence of rhythmic vibration on the environment, and secondly, on the symbolic meaning of the pronounced sounds.

Every thing in nature is in continuous motion, which can be expressed by one or another musical note, the definition of which can be done by astrological analysis. As you know, the following tones correspond to planets: Saturn - note G, Jupiter - A, Mars - C, the Sun - D, Venus - E, Mercury - B, the Moon - F. As for the relationship of things and planets, these directions are scattered in many works, the most important of which is the work of Crollius “Signatures”, but there is also information in “Magic” of Piobb.

Therefore, in order to influence a thing with sound, one must master the rhythm of its vibration.

The mantras of the Hindus and the spells of Ceremonial Magic have the same basis; the difference between them is as follows. The mantra is usually composed in such a way that the combination of sounds entering it should, when pronounced with a certain intonation, oscillate the ether. Through a more subtle oscillation of the astral plane, in which an astroidea corresponding to the meaning of the mantra arises, the physical plane is influenced and certain changes are caused in it.

Spells differ from the mantra in that they usually in their first part contain phrases that strengthen the will of the operator, and only then a series of words and sounds that must act on the environment, according to the meaning and purpose of the spell. Often in spells we encounter the proper names of psychic beings governing a particular area, or the Kabbalistic names of God, used as the highest authority. The sound construction of others is strictly designed for their vibrational impact, on the essence of the astral and higher planes. Pronouncing names is always done in accordance with the musical tone of the planet corresponding to the day.


Author © Dialty
Article from Isis Magazine
Translated by Eric Midnight, July 2020

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