Occult correspondence theory — Sergei Tukholka
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Occult correspondence theory — Sergei Tukholka

Occult correspondence theory

by Sergei Tukholka


In the preparation of talismans and in all magical actions, the so-called theory of occult correspondences (Théorie des correspondanses) plays an important role.

This theory is based on the law of analogy, which permeates the whole world and connects the material plans, astral and spiritual, according to the main phrases of the "Emerald Tablet" by Hermes Trimegistus: "As above, so below" (quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius).

Thus, animals correspond to types of people, metals and flowers - to the feelings and qualities of a person, and so on.


Correspondence theory plays a particularly important role in astrology.


Ancient astrology knew only 7 planets, and therefore the questions concerning them are the most developed.

These planets are:

Saturn - ♄ Venus— ♀
Jupiter - ♃ Mercury - ☿
Mars - ♂ Moon - ☽
Sun - ☉

The planets Uranus or Herschel and Neptune were discovered only in the 19th century.


Every planet corresponds to the signs of the zodiac, the degree of heat and humidity, colors, smells, tastes, metals, plants, animals, days of the week, types and temperaments of people, parts of the body, diseases, a person's fate in life, feelings and qualities of a person, etc.


In magical actions, this correspondence is taken into account: for example, if a magician wants to make a talisman of love, then all his actions must correspond to the planet Venus. For spells to evoke love, the magician must choose Friday, wear a green cloak and a wreath of verbena, sacrifice a dove, use a pine or laurel oak tree for a brazier, incense with a rose, and so on.

Planetary types of people are distributed as follows:


Saturn gives a person seriousness, concentration, severity in the performance of duty, gloom, melancholy.


Jupiter gives good nature, ambition, the ability to manage, sensuality.


Mars gives militancy, energy, rudeness.


The sun gives elevation of feelings and thoughts, love for the arts.


Venus gives passion and sensuality.


Mercury gives resourcefulness, ingenuity, practicality.


The moon gives imagination, a penchant for poetry, fantasticness.


To understand the relationships and analogies between different objects and phenomena, one must pay attention to their distinctive features. Nature has marked each object with a special sign - you just need to understand these prints in order to read the great book of nature. Sometimes these signs are quite obvious, for example: the bloodlust of the tiger, the rapacity of the eagle; but in most cases people do not notice them. In magic, these signs are called Signatures naturelles.


 An excerpt from the book by Sergei Tukholka "Occultism and Magic"

Translated by Eric Midnight, October 2020


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