Nature and fate — Dr. Papus
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Nature and fate — Dr. Papus

Nature and fate


Dr. Papus 


Excerpt from the Lecture "Man and the Universe" 


Everyone has an egoistic tendency to deal only with themselves. So far we have acted as well, outlining the general features of the human structure and solving the riddle of the human astral plane with its various manifestations.


This time we will focus on the third section of our research and will talk about nature.


To begin with, let us be aware of our actual position in relation to the universe. From the data of official science, we will learn the fact that man lives on a planet called the Earth and which is a sphere; this sphere hangs in space and revolves around its own axis. Many a multitude of more or less complexly organized living beings live side by side with us, forming the steps of the ladder that separates us from the mineral kingdom.


But that is not all. The "dark stars" revolve around our planetary abode. They do not glow with their own light, but light solar energy has an effective effect on them. These numerous planets with their satellites and the sun, taken together, form one of the organs of the physical world, which, according to science, contains innumerable solar systems similar to the one I just mentioned.


This universe so populated and full of life has other features that arouse great interest in every serious researcher.


The first of them is the striving of the force, which is the very essence of the earth, not only to oppose the implementation of human activity, but, where possible, to destroy everything that we create with the greatest difficulty. As a result, a person manages to ensure greater or lesser endurance behind his creations only at the cost of a tireless struggle with that fatal force, which is called fate.


Take a look at what is happening on our planet.


A person produces, for example, luxurious fabrics, sews amazingly splendid clothes, builds comfortable dwellings, erects monuments, erects huge cities, but if suddenly his activity stops at least to some extent, then immediately some seemingly invisible force takes possession of everything, what man has created for himself and mercilessly destroys or, rather, modifies the fruits of human labor, turning them into something completely different. So, the moth gets into his things, undermines them and assimilates their substance; rust eats iron; weeds drown out all kinds of plants, poisonous and healing; dense thickets of forests replace cultivated fields, flourishing cities and villages. Acting in this way, nature is the great destroyer of everything we have created, but it also represents a conservative and creative force. And then nature is adored by poets, and nature pays them in return.


Regardless of space or time, nature deeply despises both human life and everything that we especially value. It is from this side that the mighty force of nature appears to us in the form of a formidable fate, walking along its own path without the slightest regret to our protests, to our grief and horror.


The study of this, at first glance, powerful, imperiously reigning force is the subject of a whole area of ​​philosophy called pantheism - a field that recognizes only nature and only sees deity in it! As for us, Christian occultists, while admiring the beauty and grandeur of nature, at the same time we firmly, definitely believe and affirm that it is only a reflection of the Divine Supreme Principle.


But, leaving this question aside for today, we will be content with the fact that we will understand nature and try to understand it for ourselves as best as possible. To do this, we will gradually move from what is visible to what is no longer perceived by physical vision.


Let's start by asking ourselves, what are the forces and beings that manifest and live near us? To answer, let's look at the earth and confirm the facts of the existence of thousands of creatures, subdivided by science into three divisions, or, as we call, plans: the mineral, plant and animal plan.


The totality of earthly forces and beings forms the elementary world of the ancients.


Translated by Eric Midnight, 2021

The text was prepared by the Teurgia.Org team, 2021

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