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Dr. Baradyuk's Biometer and its Usage — Sar Dinoil

Dr. Baradyuk's Biometer and its Usage


Since Mesmer’s discovery of the force that he called ‘’animal magnetism’’, many attempts have been made to invent a device that would allow everyone to visually verify the existence of this force, just as thermometer verifies changes of temperature and galvanometer is used to measure electric current.

Many devices for the measurement of magnetism have already been created, but the most appropriate of them is the biometer of Dr. Baradyuk. This instrument has an advantage over other devices that it not only detects the presence of magnetism, but also allows to measure precisely this force, which other inventors could not achieve. This is how it works:

A thin arrow made of annealed red copper is suspended in a hermetic glass cylinder on a long, thin thread made from the cocoon of a silkworm. Below the arrow there is a dial divided into degrees, based on a specially arranged coil of the finest iron wire, the layers of which are isolated from one another, similar to how it is done in electric current transformers.

The most difficult part of the device is the thread. Often it is necessary to change a few dozens of threads, until the one that is flexible and thin enough to allow the arrow move is found. It is also difficult to stick the thread to the arrow. If there is even a slightest excess of glue, the machine will not work.

Hanging the arrow is much better than fixing it on a spin (like in the compasses, for example). In this case friction is less and the tool is more sensitive. In addition, the deviation of the arrow suspended on the thread in this way has a bigger range, as it is known from physics.

Another important part of the tool is the coil. Indeed, if you remove it, the arrow will still deviate, but randomly, and will cease to give certain directions. The device should be placed on the windowsill, attached to the wall, etc., that is, it should generally be stationary, since even the slightest push affects the arrow. The axis of the coil should be directed from north to south (the position of the arrow is indifferent).

The observation is made as follows: turning to face north, bring the palm of your hand, connecting your fingers together, to one of the ends of the arrow, as if gripping the glass cylinder with your hand, but without touching it. The hand rests on something to avoid fatigue. After a few seconds, the arrow begins to deviate in one direction or another, that is, it is attracted to or pushed away from the fingers. After passing a certain number of degrees, it stops and slowly comes back. At the moment the arrow stops, you need to notice the number of degrees passed by it.

At the end of the observation of the first hand, it is necessary to wait until the arrow finally ceases to oscillate (while taking off the hand), and then observation of the second hand is done. From the comparison on the right and left hand, a biometric formula is obtained.

For greater convenience of observation, Dr. Baradyuk simultaneously used two instruments standing nearby, which allowed him to observe immediately with both hands. Let's analyze the main types of formulas that could be obtained:

1) The lack of deflection of the arrow, both on one and the other side.

2) No deviation on the one hand and attraction on the other.

3) No deviation on the one hand and repulsion on the other.

4) Attraction on both sides.

5) Repulsion on both sides.

6) Attraction on one side and repulsion on the other.

In this case, one should always take into account the number of degrees traversed by the arrow, both during repulsion and attraction. To explain the significance of these formulas, we note the following.

Between the astral human body and the astral atmosphere surrounding the earth there is a constant exchange, similar to breathing. On the right side (positive pole), a person absorbs the astral fluid, on the left (negative pole), he allocates an excess of it, while part of the fluid is retained by the body.

The normal formula of a healthy person is when on the right side there is an attraction of 3 degrees, and on the left side there is a repulsion of 1 degree. The number of degrees is not important, if only their ratio always remains constant (like 3 to 1). That is, on the right, for example, there can be 15, and on the left 5, or on the right 30, and on the left 10, etc. In other words, the attraction on the right should be 3 times more than the repulsion on the left.

From this we see that one third of the received power is given back to the astral medium, and two-thirds are absorbed by the human. The right side, being ‘’positive’’, is related to the body, while the left side, being ‘’negative’’, is related to the spirit. (On the spiritual level the poles are inverted).

Let us now examine the meaning of individual formulas.

The letter R means the right hand, L means left hand, A means Attraction, Rp — Repulsion, number 0 — the stillness of the arrow.

1) normal formula: RA3 LRp1 - Means the calm state of the body, the balance of its forces.

2) R0 L0 - Stagnation of activity, apathy.

3) RA L0 - Saving forces, accumulation of energy.

4) RA LA — Weakness (a person does not have enough strength, he does not give anything, but only takes, draws energy inside like a water sponge). This formula is found among passive persons, who are easily obeying others, but unable to influence others (mediums).

5) RA LRp - Evolution, the transition from the material to the spiritual, mental work.

6) RRp LA. - Involution, transition from spiritual to material, physical work (for example, digestion, recovery from illness, etc.).

7) RRp LRp — Excitement, energy. This formula is found among active persons, capable to influence others, but not easily obeying other people's influence (hypnotists). With this formula, a person does not get anything from the environment, but only squanders his forces. If this condition lasts a long time, then complete depletion of the body may occur.

8) R0 LRp. — Mental overwork. Nervousness, exhaustion (a person does not at all renew the supply of strength and only squanders it).

The number of degrees traversed by the arrow on either side makes some changes that readers will easily understand by themselves. So, for example, if instead of the normal formula, RA3 LRp1, we will find RA2 LRp1, then we can state a certain lack of renewal of forces. If we find RA1 LRp3 that would mean wastefulness of forces, excitement, etc.

Dr. Baradyuk used his device with great success in medicine, but it is also suitable for other purposes. It is especially interesting for occultists, magnetizers, and others. To eliminate the objection of some people that the biometer’s needle moves under the influence of uneven heating of the air in the glass cylinder when approaching the hand, Dr. Baradyuk placed the instrument under the bell of an air pump from which he pumped the air out. The result was the same, while the void does not conduct heat.

The author of this article tried to act on the arrow with a glass of boiling water, the temperature of which, of course, is much higher than the temperature of the hand. The arrow usually did not move at all, and only in very few cases it was weakly attracted, but repulsion never occurred.

From this we must conclude that it is not the heat that moves the arrow, and the given biometer applications can be very diverse. Here are some examples.

Let’s say that we want to find a person who is energetic, entrepreneurial, able to run some kind of enterprise, who knows how to subjugate people (hypnotist), etc. We will search, of course, among these types No. 7. If we need a person who is soft, receptive, capable of suggestion, clairvoyance - type No. 4 is most suitable for us.

Suppose that a patient who has come to us for advice will have formula No. 7. It is clear that we will have to try to calm him down, and we will advise him some energetic activity in order to rid him of excess power. When treating him, for example, with magnetism, it would be appropriate to use opposite poles, that is, the north pole of a magnet or the right hand to the left side of his body, and vice versa.

Type No. 4 will require to be excited and strengthened, also we will advise him to rest more. Using the treatment of magnetism, we will have to do the opposite than in the previous case. It will be appropriate to place this patient on an insulating stand and charge him strongly with one pole of a static electric machine, which, on the contrary, would be harmful for type No. 7.
Changing the formulas during treatment will show us whether it is successful or not. We should always try to bring the patient to formula No. 1.

If we want to relax, concentrate and read minds, it is clear that we must bring ourselves to the state No. 4. If, on the contrary, we want to send our thoughts, influence others, etc., we will try to create formula No. 7 in us. It will also be useful to us if we want to protect ourselves from the influence of the environment, if for some reason it is undesirable to us (for example, to protect against infection during an epidemic).

For mental activity you need formula No. 5, for physical activity - No. 6. Readers will come up with other cases themselves. Our business is to indicate the basics, which then everyone can apply to what interests him most. For the creation of this or that formula, there are tools, some of which have already been indicated (mode of rest and activity, exercises, magnetism, electricity, etc.).

For those who wish to make a simple device themselves (which would be unsuitable, however, for serious purposes), we advise to fasten a piece of paper on a sharp needle, which could be stuck in a cork, so that the paper can freely rotate. It will do it when you approach your hand. Sometimes it is possible to make it move in the desired way in one direction or the other. There are cases when a piece of paper obeys even a look.

The best paper for this purpose is gold or silver. A tube is glued from it, in the middle of which a hole is cut, a needle is passed through it, resting against another arrow.

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