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Hypnosis and Therapeutic Suggestions — “Mentalism” magazine

Hypnosis and Therapeutic Suggestions


“Mentalism” magazine



The importance of this introduction. The student is strongly recommended that he treat in a most conscientious manner everything that is in this introduction, because it not only embraces parts of high philosophy in contact with the phenomena clarified in this manual, but also applies to many experiments carried out in the wakeful state.


In addition, this introduction is able to prepare the student little by little to acquire the necessary self-control and the necessary self-confidence, without which it would be impossible for him to achieve success in life in general, or in Magnetism in particular.


The significance of the development of willpower. The most precious quality of a person is submission to the will of others. This quality, which we usually call “Willpower”, “Magnetism”, etc., is mainly based on self-confidence, which even in the most shy person can progressively develop when we punctually follow our lessons. In order to clarify this point as best as possible, I must mention two main obstacles that hinder success - shyness and timidity, which are completely eliminated by diligent and patient study of our lessons.


Exercise constantly. It is completely not enough for the student to read this course and set it aside with the knowledge that he now knows everything and that later, if there is a chance, he will probably be engaged in some experiments. No, the essential importance is to take advantage of each presenting case and to do one or more experiments daily. Also, in particular, we draw the student's attention to the perfect assimilation of each experiment before moving on to the next.


The purpose of these experiments. Six different sequential experiments are described here, all with the goal of developing the properties of a character called “self-confidence” and at the same time show how Hypnotism became a scientifically based fact. The student must first keep in mind that in general the operator does not need to bring the medium to a state of sleep in order to cause the first stages of Hypnotism.


How to avoid failures. Of course, the beginner is afraid of failure and is afraid to seem ridiculous; therefore, you should first know how to avoid this inconvenience.


Firstly, constantly avoid the expression "Hypnotism", and in every way try not to think that your experiences are related to Hypnotism. Call them experiments with magnetic attraction or nerve movement.


Secondly, find out in the most detailed way that the success of experiments depends entirely on the "intense action of willpower" and on the concentration of the subject. If the subject has enough willpower to expel from the mind all other thoughts that do not agree with the thoughts of the operator, then success is guaranteed. If the subject is weak, and cannot concentrate on this, then it will be impossible for him to drive away other thoughts from himself. This must be explained to the subject at the very beginning and shown to him that the significance and interest of experiment are based only on his firm and voluntary assistance. With a more accurate explanation of the facts, there can be no mistakes in making experiments, and, consequently, ridiculous situations arising from this.


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