The qualities and characteristics of the magician by A. Likhanov
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The qualities and characteristics of the magician by A. Likhanov

The qualities and characteristics of the magician


Will and character training


by A. Likhanov


First of all, let us indicate the qualities a magician has to possess. They are: self-confidence, firmness, unshakable calmness, determination, self-control, and strong will. The development of these qualities is one of the main tasks of the practitioner. To strengthen the will, we recommend doing not what you want, but what needs to be done. This rule is also valid in relation to such qualities as self-confidence, etc. For example, you are indecisive. To get rid of this weakness, try to be determined in all cases and fight your weakness. If you do not know how to act, then firmly make a decision and enforce it (the latter is the whole point). Never undo a decision you once made. It is better to make a mistake, to make a not entirely correct decision, than to become a victim of your own hesitation. Begin to be assertive in situations where you can vouch for success. Gradually move on to more difficult actions that require a firm decision. Self-hypnosis before going to bed and during muscle exercises will bring you significant benefits, both in character education and in the development of will. In the same way, you can gradually develop other qualities. By constantly trying to overcome fear, you will eventually become fearless. If you are easily embarrassed, shy, then try to walk straight, look everyone in the eyes, speak loudly and firmly, put all your will and energy into your movements. After a short time, shyness will be replaced by overconfidence. If you are fussing, try to constantly walk, write, eat and speak slowly, instilling the right quality in yourself before going to bed and watching your movements and restraining yourself. It will soon become a habit, and you will be rid of the impetuosity forever. Try to show in all your movements, words and thoughts such a quality that you want to have, and soon it will become part of your character. Always act as if you were already what you want to be. Before embarking on the development of the will, let us consider the harm caused by the passions, as well as the reasons that cause them, and ways of dealing with them. Moral cleansing is one of the main conditions for achieving mental phenomena. Among the passions that need to be eradicated, we include: despondency and sadness, anger, lies, sensuality, envy, vanity and pride.


Despondency. A state of discouragement or despondency takes possession of a person, enters into his habit, becomes, as it were, a passion. If a person does not fight this state, but obeys it, then he destroys his energy, physical and mental. Tip — Focus on thoughts of joy and happiness (for 2-3 minutes). Then, make yourself the appropriate self-hypnosis, mentally imagining yourself cheerful and sanguine. And after that, in order to raise the energy of the organism, to induce a slight excitement of nervous activity, one must resort to sun breathing (3-5 minutes) or to muscle exercise.


Sadness. Sadness is a sharper feeling than despondency. The difference between them lies in the fact that in despondency the cause of this state is hidden, unknown; while there is always a clearly recognized cause at the root of sadness. Advice on how to solve this problem: reflect on the dangers of such a feeling as sadness (2-3 minutes), then focus on the thought that our higher self is immortal and not subject to earthly suffering (2-3 minutes), pay attention to something majestic, exciting joy (for example, you can evoke a mental picture of a clear sunny day, mentally look at an imaginary radiant sky and try to succumb to the influence of that joyful feeling that takes possession of a person under such conditions in reality), which will take 3-5 minutes. Then perform the breathing technique, accompanied by the absorption of energy. If sadness and despondency often take over you, you need to use self-hypnosis every day (regardless of your mood), resorting, as needed, to the stimulating effect of the sun's breath. A particularly useful technique is the method described above for stimulating nervous energy.


Anger. Anger is of three types: 1) without external manifestation, 2) manifested in word and deed (irascibility), and 3) prolonged anger (rancor), turning into the worst form of anger - hatred. With anger, a person loses a significant proportion of energy, more significant than with other passions (with the exception of sensuality). A tip on how to overcome anger: If your anger has not yet grown, then count to 10, 15, 20, back and forth, i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc. to 10. And then - 10 , 9, 8, 7, etc. Repeat this several times. The absorption of energy through breathing is most appropriate in this case. Repeat this breathing technique 5 and 10 times, accompanied by strong tension of the abdominal muscles. Instill in yourself every day that you are not annoyed by others, that you cannot be angry, etc. Since a strong anger shocks the nervous system and weakens energy, we recommend that in order to prevent these consequences and restore the disturbed balance, the following: first exercise the plexus, then resort to moon breathing (2-3 minutes), then rhythmic breathing (5 minutes).


 From the "Isida" magazine 

Translated by Eric Midnight, 2020 

The text was prepared by the Teurgia.Org team, 2020

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