Voice development by A. Likhanov
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Voice development by A. Likhanov

Voice development


by A. Likhanov


The voice is a significant factor in influencing others. Some people, by the sound of their voices, can evoke a kind of charm that lends itself not only to individuals, but also to the crowd. This is also the secret of some preachers and orators who subjugate people with the musicality of their speech. 


Now let's say a few words about the use of voice to influence others. When you want to instill something, you must speak clearly, firmly and convincingly, in a concise, understandable, imperious tone that does not tolerate objection. Indian yogis have a strong, clear and sonorous voice. It depends on the fact that they practice a special exercise that develops the voice, making it soft and melodic. This exercise is as follows.


You need to inhale the air slowly, but strongly, through both nostrils, trying to inhale as long as possible. Then you should hold your breath for 2-3 seconds and exhale the air with force, in one breath, through a wide open mouth. Repeat this exercise several times a day every day.


To make a voice convincing, you need to put this or that feeling into it. We recommend that you retire to a secluded room where no one will disturb you. Then, imagine that there is an interlocutor in front of you. Start speaking loudly, firmly, putting all your will into the spoken words. Choose appropriate phrases for the exercise. For example, if your voice is indecisive and weak, if you need to refuse someone, or ask for something with dignity, then speak decisively with your imaginary interlocutor, firmly refuse him, repeat the same phrase several times, trying to put into the voice of your whole soul. During this exercise, one must speak much louder than usual. If after such an exercise you have to have a conversation with someone, an explanation, etc., have to refuse someone or ask for something, you will see that your voice will be firm, strong and decisive. You should never rush into a conversation. It is better to speak slowly than very quickly. One more remark. If someone, during a conversation with you, begins to raise his voice, then you will begin to speak quieter and slower, calmer, and your interlocutor will also calm down. In addition, one must learn to be silent. Suppose that you started a conversation about a subject that interests our interlocutor. As soon as he starts talking about his favorite topic, shut up, listen, do not interrupt or object.


For the development of the voice, we can recommend something like a vibratory massage. Almost closing your mouth, leaving a small passage (fold your lips as you fold them when whistling), sing with the force of sounds: b-b-b, v-v-v, g-g-g, d-d-d, n -n-n-n, m-m-m, etc., as long as there is breath, and passing from one to the other. Relax, breathe in as much air as possible, and start over. Do your best to learn how to put any feeling, any expression into your voice. Every word you say should be a calculated suggestion.


 From the "Isida" magazine 

Translated by Eric Midnight, 2020 

The text was prepared by the Teurgia.Org team, 2020

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