Update of Teurgia.Org website: 30 of September 2020
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Update of Teurgia.Org website: 30 of September 2020

исландская магияWe introduce the Teurgia.Org website update in English. The update illustrates an image with a scene from the famous Icelandic legend of Galdra–Loftur, in which he summoned Gottskálk grimmi Nikulasson to try to take possession of his "Red Skin" grimoire, allowing demonic hierarchies to be subdued. The author of the picture is Visionis Phosphorescent. The picture in color is available in our gallery:


The articles in this update focus on the topics of mentalism and personal magnetism, occult philosophy and astrology.


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Occult philosophy
The four elements and occult correspondences — Baal-Hiram and Eric Midnight
An excerpt from a lecture on the properties of the four elements, their correspondences to the cardinal points and letters of Tetragrammaton, as well as the symbolism of the pentagram.


Occult correspondence theory — Sergei Tukholka
An excerpt from the book by Sergei Tukholka "Occultism and Magic", which talks about signature theory and planetary correspondences.


Mentalism and magnetism
Reading and transmitting thoughts — Sar Dinoil
Exercises for reading and transmitting thoughts from the book by Sar Dinoil "The Development of Astral Abilities".


"Complete passive state" exercise — Sar Dinoil
Exercise from the book by Sar Dinoil "Development of Astral Abilities", useful for the practice of telepathy, autosuggestion, astral projection and other practices of psychurgy.


Marsilio Ficino and the Star of the Magi: “De Stella magorum”
Translation by traditional astrologer Margherita Fiorello for her blog "Heaven Astrolabe".

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