Update of Teurgia website: 16 of July 2020
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Update of Teurgia website: 16 of July 2020

planetarnaya magiyaWe introduce the Teurgia.Org website update in English. The update illustrates an image dedicated to the concept of the Seven Ancient Planets and Planetary Magic. The author of the illustration is Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. The color image is available in our gallery.


The articles in this update focus on the topics of mentalism and personal magnetism, occult philosophy, astrology and the interpretation of dreams.


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At the moment, the book “Algerian manuscript of Martinez de Pasqually” in Russian, four Planetary Talismans an several types of high-quality natural incense are placed in the store as goods. Gradually, the assortment of the store will expand. Stay tuned for updates in the store. Ten percent of the store’s profits will go to help private shelters for homeless animals.

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Occult philosophy
Lecture on the word and gesture — Dialty
Practical notes on the meaning and technique of casting a spell and using gestures.


Astral, lucid dreaming
Dream Interpretation Science — Eric Midnight
Several principles for interpreting prophetic dreams.


Mentalism and magnetism
Hypnosis and Therapeutic Suggestions — “Mentalism” magazine
Introductory article from a series of lectures on the practice of mentalism and personal magnetism.


About the temperament of the Moon — Margherita Fiorello
The author tells about the quality of the Moon according Ptolemy. In Quadripartite, I, 8

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